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B. Signatures

1.  Signature Requirement 

A document filed by electronic means shall either:

(a) contain a scanned image of any manual signature or an electronic signature affixed thereto;
(b) display an “/s/” with the name typed in the location at which the signature would otherwise appear such as:

/s/ Jane Doe; OR
/s/ Jane Doe, Notary Public3; OR
/s/ Jane Doe, President, ABC Corporation.

3 If the “/s/” signature option is utilized for a notary public, the commission date for such notary public should be typed on the electronically-submitted document.

2.  Consequence of Login/Password Usage

Without relieving an Electronic Filer of the duty to comply with the signature requirement outlined above in Section III(B)(1), the filing of any document using a login/password combination issued by the Authorizing Court shall constitute an Electronic Filer’s signature for purposes of signing the document under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9011 or any other signature requirement imposed by the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, or any local rule of the Authorizing Court. No person shall knowingly utilize or cause another person to utilize the password of an Electronic Filer unless such a person is an authorized agent of the Electronic Filer.


3.  Declarations for Electronic Filing

Within seven (7) business days of the filing by electronic means of a bankruptcy petition, list, schedule, or statement that requires verification or an unsworn declaration under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1008, the Electronic  Filer shall tender to the Court in paper format the appropriate “Declaration  for Electronic Filing,” substantially conforming either to Exhibit “B-1,” “B-2,” or “B-3,” which has been executed by any individual debtor or by the authorized representative of any corporate or partnership debtor.  Such Declaration shall be thereafter maintained by the Clerk of the Authorizing Court in paper format.

[Exception (Northern District): Electronic Filer shall electronically file the appropriate declaration. No paper copies of the declarations shall be maintained by the Clerk.]


4.  Retention of Documents With Third-Party Signatures

Except as otherwise set forth in this Appendix, or as otherwise ordered by the Authorizing Court, documents which contain the original signature of any party other than the Electronic Filer, other than a Declaration for Electronic Filing as referenced above, shall be retained by the Electronic Filer for a period of not less than five (5) years after the case or adversary proceeding is closed and, upon request, such original document must be provided to the Court or other parties for review.