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  • How do we check to see if we uploaded an order?

    There is a feature under the Reports menu that will allow you to view the status of a proposed order, its related document and the date it was submitted.

    Simply log in with your ECF credentials, then click Reports and Order Query.

    Enter the Case Number and select the Submitted Date.  Leave all boxes checked and then click Next to run the report.

  • Why am I getting email Notices of Electronic Filing for a case in which I (the attorney) am not a participant?

    There are a few reasons:

    1) You may be "watching" the case. If you wish to no longer receive emails on cases listed, simply delete the case number listed in your ECF Account and submit your changes.

    2) You may be listed as a secondary on someone else's account. See the bottom of the email you received to see if you are listed under someone else's name.

    3) You may be listed as a participant on a consolidated or related case.

    4) Any combination of the above.

  • How do I convert text files into .PDF format?

    In order to convert editable text documents (such as .doc, .txt., .wpd formats) into .PDF format, you must have software that is designed to make this conversion, such as the Adobe Acrobat Writer software package. You may also use a scanner, which can turn paper documents into .PDF’s. Please consult the documentation for your scanner to determine if it will convert paper documents into .PDF format.


  • How can I continue/postpone my 341 Meeting of Creditors?

    To postpone a scheduled 341 meeting, you must contact the assigned Trustee to make the request. If approved, the Trustee will file the appropriate notice with the Court.

  • Which district should I file my case in?

    If you are an attorney filing a case electronically, the system will automatically assign the correct division based on the debtor's county of residence.

    Counties served by court location can also be found on our webste under the court information tab, then choosing office locations and hours.

  • What do I do if I can't afford the filing fee for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    If you are an individual or joint-individual filer, and cannot afford to pay the filing fee on a Chapter 7 case in full at the time of filing, and you cannot afford to pay in installments, then you may request a waiver of the filing fees. To request a waiver, you must fill out the Application for Waiver of the Chapter 7 Filing Fee (Form 103B)

    The Judge assigned to your case will determine whether a waiver is appropriate. 

  • Where can I find applicable median family income information?

    You can find the Median Family Income Based on State/Territory and Family Size on the Court's website.

    All Means Testing information to complete Forms 122A-1/122C-1 can be found on the Court's website as well.

  • How do I update my address information?

    It is very important that all records remain current and up to date on your case docket to ensure you receive all court related documents timely.

    To update an address or any other contact information, submit your request in the form of correspondence to the clerk's office.  Include your old address as well as the new address to ensure we have updated your records with the correct address.

    The filing can be done either in person or by mail to the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office.

  • Can a pro se debtor file documents electronically?

    The clerk's office only allows attorneys, trustees, and creditors filing on behalf of a company to register as electronic filers.

  • What event should I use for a Motion to Abandon?

    The proper event to use for a Motion to Abandon is the Motion to Compel event.  As you go through the screens, you will be asked if it is a motion to abandon property at which point you select the "Yes" radio button.  Then proceed until you finalize your filing.