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  • How do I correct a social security number I entered incorrectly when opening a bankrupty case?

    You will need to file an amended Petition and an amended Social Security Verification Form (Form 121). 

    You must also notify all parties and credit reporting agencies of the correct Social Security Number as well as the incorrect Social Security Number that was originally contained in the Meeting of Creditors notice so they can make the appropriate changes.

  • Is each page of a certified document embossed with the court seal?

    There are two different procedures for certification depending on the number of pages of each document.  Certification for a document under 10 pages will contain the embossed court seal on each page.  Any documents that exceed 10 pages will have a seal embossed on the first page and the last page with a certication statement and signature of the clerk who prepared the certified document.  This process allows the court to prepare these documents in the most expeditious manner.

  • How do we file the Declaration for Electronic Filing in your district?

    Per Clerk's Notice 14-01, the Declaration for Electronic filing is to be filed electronically within 7 days of filing your document(s).  Under Bankruptcy events, choose Miscellaneous, then choose Declaration of Electronic Filing.

  • Where can I find a list of frequently used addresses for governmental agencies?

    A listing of addresses for governmental agencies is available through our local rules if needed for noticing purposes.  You can access them through the court's website. They are listed under Appendix C of the Local Rules.

  • What is a creditor Matrix?

    The creditor matrix is a list of all creditors which a debtor must provide in order to file a bankruptcy case. The list should include the names and complete mailing addresses of each creditor. The matrix is used to notify the creditors of significant events during the course of the bankruptcy case.

    Please visit the Court's website under the Filing Resources tab>Creditor Matrix Instructions for detailed instructions on how to prepare and file a creditor matrix.


  • Can a debtor without attorney representation file bankruptcy and where can the forms be obtained?

    Yes. A debtor may file for bankruptcy without attorney representation (known as filing pro se).

    The Court has prepared several useful resources for pro se filers on our website under the Filing Resources tab.

    You can find the required National and Local forms under the Forms tab on the Court's website.

    Please remember that neither the Court nor the Clerk’s Office can provide legal advice of any kind.


  • Will the court accept personal checks from a debtor?

    Personal checks, two-party checks and postdated checks will not be accepted from a debtor.

    The court will only accept money orders and cashier’s checks from debtors.

  • Is there a fee required to file for bankruptcy?

    Yes, a filing fee is required to file a bankruptcy petition. The fees are different for each chapter, and current fees are available at the Court’s website under Filing Resources>Fee Schedule.


  • I lost my ECF login. How can I get my login and password again?

    ECF password's can be reset through the Court's Website at:


    If you have misplaced your login and password, please send an email to the help desk requesting the information. The request must come from the owner of the login and password.

    Send your request to

  • Does your circuit have a Bankruptcy Appellate Panel?

    Our circuit does not have a Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. Please see the 8000 series of the Bankruptcy Code and Rules and Local Bankruptcy Rules for more information.