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  • Does each district assign their own login and password?

    Each district will assign an electronic filer their own login and password.  You should contact the filing district to obtain their ECF registration information.

    PACER is an online service which assigns one login and password that is used to view federal case records nationwide.  You can contact them at (800) 676-6856 or at

  • How do I get a hearing date on a Motion for Relief From Stay?

    You can get a preliminary hearing date from the "Judge's tab" on our website.  Select the presiding Judge and go to the section "Self Calendaring Procedures."  This page contains a table specifically for "Motions for Relief from Automatic Stay" which sets forth a date and time depending on the file date of the motion.

  • What is the file size limit of a PDF document that is being uploaded into ECF?

    The file size is limited to 25MB.

    If you need to file a .pdf that exceeds the 25 MB limit, then simply break up the document into smaller sections to reduce the size of the file.

  • How do I create a matrix?

    Information on how to create a matrix file is available on our website under the Filing Resources tab.

    Please keep in mind the matrix MUST be filed in portable document format (.pdf) and as a text file.  The exception to filing it as a text file is if you add all creditors in the text box made available through the "Matrix" event code.  Otherwise, please ensure you upload the text file using the Creditor Maintenance category, "Upload a creditor matrix file."

  • How do I obtain copies of documents that are not imaged/available on PACER?

    If a case is still open, all documents will be in paper form.  Copies can be obtained at the clerk's office where the case was filed (i.e filed in Dallas at Dallas clerk's office, Fort Worth at Fort Worth clerk's office).  The clerk's office can make copies at a cost of $.50 per page. 

    If a case is closed, all paper documents will be archived at the National Archive Center in Fort Worth.

    Bankruptcy Cases/documents filed in 2003 are under the redaction rules and those pleadings will not be available through PACER. Copies can be obtained at the Bankruptcy Clerk's office in person or through a Request for Copies form.

    For more information on requesting copies visit the court's website.

  • How can a lost PACER login and password be retrieved?

    To retrieve PACER account information, you will need to contact the PACER service center or by phone at (800) 676-6856

  • How can copies be obtained from a case file?

    There are multiple options to access copies.

    1)  Contact the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Service Center at 800-676-6856 or to receive a login and password which will allow you to view documents. A credit card is required for this service.

    2)  Contact the Voice Case Information System (VCIS) at 866-222-8029 which will provide automated basic case information

    3)  Mail A Request for Copies Form to the Clerk's office.  The form is available on our website.

    4)  If the case was filed prior to 2003 the records will be in the National Archive Center in Fort Worth.

    5) Contact the Help Desk at 214-753-2600 during the hours of 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday - Friday if the above methods do not provide the information you are seeking.

  • What do I do if my login and password do not work?

    Step 1
    Make sure you have entered the login and password correctly. Check the "Num Lock" key on your keyboard and make sure it is "on", if you are using numbers in your login or password.  Login and password are case-sensitive.

    Step 2
    Make sure you are using the correct password for ECF.  Your ECF login from another district will not work for the Northern District of Texas.

    Note: Your PACER login is different from your ECF login.  A login for District Court will not work for Bankruptcy Court.

    Step 3
    Call the Help Desk if you still cannot login to ECF. You can also email the Help Desk at



  • If an ECF filer has made all outstanding payments and still does not get any menu options, what do they need to do?

    In order to restore the menu options after reconciling the ECF fees, filers can either refresh the page and/or clear the cache.

    For a quick fix, click on Bankruptcy and then right click anywhere inside the blank screen and select refresh the page.

    If you continue to get a blank screen, then the other option is to clear the Cache and delete the cookies and temporary files by following the steps below:

    If using Internet Explorer:

    1. Go to menu of the browser

    2.  Click on Tools/Internet Options

    3. Click on the button Delete Cookies and then click on the button Temporary Internet files.

    4. Log out of ECF and log back in. 

    5. Refresh the page to restore all menu options.

  • How do I change my ECF password?

    Go to Utilities and choose Change Your Password

    Your password must be at least eight (8) characters and include a capital letter and a special character or number (1, 2, 3...#, &...)

    Click Submit