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  • Why can't I view documents in PACER?

    There are several reasons why you might be unable to view documents in PACER. Please perform the following if you are unable to view documents:

    1. Verify that you are using one of the following: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

    2. If you are using Microsoft Windows make sure you have the latest updates installed.

    3. Make sure the browser cache has been cleared. 

    4. Make sure you are using the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat.


  • After I log in to ECF, the screen I see doesn't have the menu to allow for filing. At the top of the screen, the only choices are Query, Reports, Utilities and Logout. Why can't I file?

    It sounds like you have logged in using your PACER login and not your ECF login. When logged into PACER you are only able to see the four options: Query, Reports, Utilities and Logout.

    If you wish to file a document in CM/ECF, log out of PACER and log in to CM/ECF using the ECF login assigned to you by the Court.

  • How can I find out if someone has filed for bankruptcy?

    There are a couple of different ways to find out if a person or business has filed for bankruptcy. The first is the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) system. PACER is an online method for obtaining case information, as well as documents that have been filed throughout the course of a bankruptcy proceeding. You may call (800) 676-6856, or visit their website at to receive a login and password (Note: This login and password will be different than you ECF login). A credit card is required for this service. Once you have received a login and password, you may search the Court’s records by name, case number, or Social Security number.  

    The second method for obtaining case information is the Court’s VCIS (Voice Case Information System), which is accessible by telephone at (866) 222-8029


  • I want to pay my outstanding fees in ECF, but when I click on Internet Payments Due, all I get is a blank screen.

    The most likely reason is that you have a pop-up blocker enabled in your web browser. The pop-up blocker on your server will need to be disabled (allowing popups) before you can make an online payment. To do so, log out of CM/ECF, then:

     Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    1) Click ‘Tools’ from the Menu Bar
    2) Select ‘Internet Options’
    3) Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab
    4) Disable the pop-up blocker

    Mozilla Firefox:

    1) Click Tools from the Menu Bar
    2) Select Options
    3) Click on the Content tab
    4) Disable the pop-up blocker

    Once you have disabled the pop-up blocker, you may log back in to CM/ECF, then click on Utilities and select Internet Payments Due to pay any outstanding fees.

    If you still only see a blank screen, clear your Internet cache of all cookies, then refresh the screen.

  • Can I receive ECF notifications at more than one email address?

    Yes you can.  Log in to CM/ECF. Click on Utilities then select Maintain Your ECF Account. Click the Email Information button. You may enter additional email addresses in the second box provided, in addition to your primary email address. Make sure that you separate each email address with a comma and a space. Then check the secondary email addresses box in the section that reads, "Send the Notices Specified Below."  Click Return to Account screen’, then Submit to save your changes.

    Keep in mind that the secondary email address(es) will receive emails for every case that the primary email does, and cannot be set up to only receive emails on certain cases.  The "free look" for each document will only be available to one email address.

  • How can I change my ECF email address?

    Log in to CM/ECF, click on ‘Utilities’, then select ‘Maintain Your ECF Account’ from the menu. Click the Email information button, and enter your new email address in the Primary e-mail address box. Click Return to Account screen, then Submit to save your changes. 

  • How do I remove myself from the mailing list on a particular case?

    You should follow the same process for withdrawing from an ECF case as you would for a case filed prior to the implementation of ECF. Typically, this includes a Motion to Withdraw, which will have to be approved by the Court. If a new attorney within the same firm is representing a party, then a Notice of New Lead Counsel Within Firm is required.

    If your client's involvement in a case has ended and you no longer wish to receive electronic notices, then you can also file a Notice of Termination of Electronic Notices or written documentation indicating you no longer wish to receive electronic notices for that particular case.


  • How can I change my address in the ECF system?

    Log in to CM/ECF, click on ‘Utilities’, then select ‘Maintain Your ECF Account’ from the menu. You may update your address information from this screen, and then click ‘Submit’ to process and save your changes. You will still need to take all appropriate actions required under the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and any Local Rules regarding a change of address.


  • How do I obtain certified copies of documents?

    You will need to complete our Certified Copy Request form found under the Case Information section of the clerk's office website.  The form needs to be mailed to the clerk’s office or you can hand deliver your request accompanied with your payment.  We do not accept email requests.

    The fee for certified copies is $11.00 per document and .50 cents per page.  Payment for certification fees will need to be received before we can initiate the certification process.  If you have any questions regarding the total fee for your order, please contact the ECF Help Desk at (800) 442-6850 for assistance.

    If the document has been archived your request will need to be made directly to the National Archive Center.  The copy request form is located on our website.  Contact the clerk's office prior to completing the form as location information will need to be provided to you in order to complete your copy request form for certified documents from the National Archive Center.

     NOTE: Cases filed prior to December 2003 will not be available for viewing through PACER due to the Judicial Conference policy of Redaction of Personal Identifiers. If you wish to view the documents, you can visit the clerk’s office or if you prefer copies of documents, you can request them by filling out the court’s Request for Copies form available through the court’s website.

  • Where do you file a Motion to Quash a subpoena issued from a different district?

    The procedure for filing a Motion to Quash subpoena issued by a different district involves opening a miscellanous proceeding case vial mail or over the counter at the Clerk's Office.  Please check the fee schedule to obtain filing fee information.