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CM/ECF User Manual

United States Bankruptcy Court

Northern District of Texas



What's New

December 1, 2021 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 12/1/2021) Rule & Form Updates: Updated Official Form 122B, Amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (2005, 3007, 7007.1, and 9036)
November 22, 2021 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 11/22/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates: Mega Case Procedures ( Dallas and Ft. Worth divisions)
June 21, 2021 Go Live Guide (Effective 6/21/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Report UST Form 11-MOR, Chapter 11 Post-Confirmation Report, Small Business Monthly Operating Report, Operating Report
March 29, 2021 Go Live Guide (Effective 3/29/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Audio on Court Docket, How to Listen and Download Audio
February 25, 2021 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 2/5/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Supplemental Proof of Claim for CARES Forbearance Claim
February 25, 2021 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 2/25/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Scheduling Order Regarding Subchapter V Case
February 16, 2021 Go Live Guide (Effective 2/16/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Chapter 11 Small Business Subchapter V Plan
February 12, 2021 Go Live Guide Express | Consolidated Appropriations Act(Effective 12/27/2020) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Motion for Discharge Pursuant to Section 1328(i), Order on Motion for Discharge Pursuant to Section 1328(i)
January 19, 2021 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 1/19/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Hearing Preset and Pre-Established Hearings Guide for ECF Attorney and Trustee Users
January 1, 2021 Go Live Guide (Effective 1/1/2021) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Notice of Additional Fees and Rule 2016 Disclosure, Notice by Trustee of Increased Plan Base, Plan Term and/or Plan Payments
October 26, 2020 Go Live Guide (Effective 10/26/2020) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Response
May 11, 2020 Go Live Guide (Effective 5/11/2020) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Single Order Upload (E-Orders), Schedules, Motion to Extend Automatic Stay
April 27, 2020 Go Live Guide Express CARES Act (Effective 4/27/2020) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Notice of Mortgage Forbearance, Notice of Mortgage Payment Change  Tips & Tricks:  Notice of Pre-Status Conference for Sub-Chapter V
December 1, 2019 Go Live Guide Express (Effective 12/1/2019) CM/ECF Changes & Updates:  Rule 9037. Privacy Protection For Filings Made with the Court