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  • How do I remove myself from the mailing list on a particular case?

    You will need to file a notice in the case that you no longer wish to receive notices in.

  • How do I change my address in ECF?

    You can make changes to your ECF account by accessing the ""Maintain User Account"" screen under the Utilities option in ECF.

  • What does an ECF filer need to do if the wrong PDF was filed in a case?

    If the wrong PDF is attached to a filing, the filer will submit an e-mail to the Court's Quality Assurance Department at  Include the:

    Case Number
    Debtor Name
    Docket Entry to be corrected

    A Quality Assurance employee will make a corrective entry to the docket.  The Court will not delete the PDF document, only make a correction notation in the docket text.   The PDF will still be viewable through PACER.

    The filer will have to either refile the document or file the document as amended and upload the correct PDF document.

  • Where can I find a Proof of Claim form?

    The Proof of Claim Form (Official Court Form B410) can be found on our website at Under the Forms heading.  From the drop down menu, choose National Forms.


  • Are attorneys supposed to provide to the court hard copies of briefs and/or exhibits related to a hearing?

    Yes.  Hard copies of briefs and/or exhibits should be provided to the court.  These documents should be delivered to the attention of the Courtroom Deputy or chambers at the time a motion or response is filed or prior to the hearing.

    Please review the Judge-specific guidelines found under the Judges tab on the court's website for specific guidelines for submitting hard copies of briefs and exhibits.

  • How do I get a transcript of a court hearing?

    You can obtain a copy of a court hearing transcript by completing the Audio/Transcript Order Form for the appropriate division available through the court's website at .  Choose the Case Information Tab then choose Transcript and Tape orders

  • Do I need to prepare a Summons and Scheduling Order for an Adversary Proceeding?

    The clerk's office is responsible for preparing the Summons and Scheduling Orders in Adversary Proceedings.  The summons will be prepared the next business day after the adversary case is filed.  You will receive the document in the form of an email notice such as the electronic notices you receive for documents filed in your related cases.

  • What is the procedure to be admitted pro hac vice in a bankruptcy matter?



    You will have to file a motion to appear pro hac vice with the clerk's office.

    Please see L.B.R. 2090-1 for more information on pro hac procedures.


  • What do I do if I accidentally opened duplicate cases for the same debtor?

    The attorney that opened the duplicate case will need to contact the credit bureaus to notify them of the error, and proceed with the steps that would need to be taken to rectify the information on the debtor's credit report. 

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  • How do I electronically sign a .PDF document?

    Any party signing a .PDF document should use the following format:

    /s/ John Q. Attorney

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