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E. Service


1.  Notice of Electronic Filing

Whenever a document is filed by electronic means in accordance with these procedures, theSystem will automatically generate for the Electronic Filer a “Notice of Electronic Filing” at the time of docketing in a format substantially conforming to Exhibit “A.”

2.  Fulfillment of Service Requirements

The System will serve either the “Notice of Electronic Filing” or, if so elected by the recipient, a “Daily Summary Report of Bankruptcy Filings”  containing notice of the electronic filing of the document, upon all parties  who have consented to electronic service. The service of the “Notice of Electronic Filing” or the “Daily Summary Report of Bankruptcy Filings” upon such parties is the equivalent of service of the document upon such parties by the Electronic Filer.

3.  Service of Paper Documents

The Electronic Filer must serve the document in paper format upon the debtor(s), if required, as well as upon any party entitled to service  who is not registered for electronic service and is not, therefore, listed  as a recipient of electronic notice on the Notice of Electronic Filing. Any supplemental certification regarding the service of paper  documents must be filed by electronic means.

4.  Electronic Service of Summons/Complaint/Subpoena Prohibited

Service of a summons and complaint under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 7004 or of a subpoena under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9016 by electronic means is prohibited by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


5.  Miscellaneous Service Provisions

(a)  Northern District:

(1)  Notice of Hearing Required. A Notice of Hearing must be filed and served by the movant for all matters requiring a hearing, and for all subsequent continuances of that matter. When the movant is given a hearing date and time for a matter by the Court, it is the movant’s responsibility to file and serve the Notice of Hearing.

(b)  Southern District:
None at this time.

(c)  Eastern District:
None at this time.

(d)  Western District:
None at this time.