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File a New Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy > File New Bankruptcy Case

Docketing Procedure

1. Review the documents to ensure they meet the filing requirements
2. Open the new bankruptcy case [Bankruptcy > File New Bankruptcy Case] as follows:

            Click Bankruptcy
            Click File New Bankruptcy Case
            Select the appropriate entry for Chapter and Joint Petition
            Click Next
            Read the bold text and click Next
            Fill in the information for the Debtor
            Click Search

NOTE: If the debtor's name appears, select the name from the list and verify their information. If the debtor's name does not appear, click Create New Party.

            Enter the information requested for the Debtor. (NOTE: If the debtor has a separate
               mailing address, enter the address where notices should be mailed
            Click the button for Alias if the Debtor lists any aliases. Click the Add Aliases button
               to return to the Create New Party screen.
            Click Submit when finished entering the debtor's information
            Enter the information request for the Joint Debtor, if applicable

NOTE: If the filer fails to include the joint debtor when opening the case, the joint debtor cannot file an amended petition to be added to the case.

            Verify the Divisional office and click Next
            Select the appropriate entry for each listed requirement
            Click Next
            Fill in the dollar amounts for the Schedules, if filling them with the petition
            Click Next
            Click Next again
            Attach PDF
            Click Next
            Verify the filing fee and click Next
            Answer the question, "Are any of the boxes regarding a Tenant of Residential
               Property checked?"
            Click Next
            Select the appropriate radio button to the question, "Which box is checked on Exhibit D?"
            Click Next
            Modify docket text as appropriate
            Click Next
            Review final docket text before submitting
            Click Next
            Review Notice of Electronic Filing