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A. Internet Access


1.  Access Through Websites

Any person may obtain access to the documents and dockets maintained by the Texas Bankruptcy Courts through their respective websites:

Northern District:
Southern District:
Eastern District:
Western District:

Such Internet access requires registration with the PACER Service Center at (or 1-800-676-6856) and, in accordance with the mandate of the Judicial Conference of the United States, a user fee will be charged, except that parties who are served with a document through the use of the “Notice of Electronic Filing” generated by the Court’s transmission facilities have one opportunity to view, save, or print that document without charge by utilizing the hyperlink which will appear in that Notice.

2.  Protective Orders

Any person may move the Authorizing Court for an order limiting electronic access to, or prohibiting the electronic filing of, specifically  identified materials upon the grounds that the utilization of electronic  access or electronic filing is likely to prejudice the privacy interests  of an affected party.