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Notice of Dismissal of Party

Adversary > Notices

Docketing Procedure

1. Review the documents to ensure they meet the filing requirements
2. Docket the Notice of Dismissal of Party(ies) [Adversary > Notices > Dismissal of Party(ies)] as follows:

            Click Adversary
            Click Notices
            Enter Case Number
            Click Next
            Verify case information and click Next
            Select Dismissal of Party(ies)
            Click Next
            Select or Add/Create Party
            Click Next
            Attach PDF
            Click Next
            Select the party or parties no longer associated with the case
            Type the name of the same dismissed party or parties in the [Dismiss Whom?] box
            Click Next
            Modify docket text as appropriate
            Click Next
            Review final docket text for accuracy before submitting
            Click Next
            Review Notice of Electronic Filing