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Bankruptcy > Response/Objection/Reply to Response
Adversary > Response/Objection/Amended Answer to Complaint

Docketing Procedure

1. Review the documents to ensure they meet the filing requirements
2. Docket the Reply [Bankruptcy > Response/Objection/Reply to Response > Reply] or [Adversary > Response/Objection/Amended Answer to Complaint] as follows:

            Click Bankruptcy or Adversary
            Click Response/Objection/Reply to Response or Response/Objection/Amended Answer to Complaint
            Click Reference an Existing Docket Entry
            Enter Case Number
            Click Next
            Verify case information and click Next
            Select Reply
            Click Next
            Select or Add/Create Party
            Click Next
            Attach PDF
            Click Next
            Select the appropriate docket entry to which your event relates
               (NOTE: If a reply is filed in an Adversary proceeding, you will link the Reply to a Response.)
            Click Next
            Modify docket text as appropriate
            Click Next
            Review final docket text before submitting
            Click Next
            Review Notice of Electronic Filing