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Scanning Guidelines

General Information


It is critical that electronic filers configure their scanning software correctly for all PDF documents uploaded into CM/ECF. The major consequence of incorrectly configured scanning software is the significantly increased file size. In some instances, graphical elements in your document can increase the file size up to 20 times larger. Use the scanner settings below to help keep your PDF documents within the upload limit.

Scanner Settings

  • Resolution should be set to 300 dpi (DO NOT exceed 300 dpi)
  • Image type should be set to black and white (NOT grayscale and NOT  color)

There is a 25 MB (megabytes) file size limit per PDF document. If your PDF file is larger than 25 MB, check your scanner settings. If your scanner settings are correct, and your file is still larger than 25 MB, you will be required to split your PDF into multiple PDF documents before uploading them to CM/ECF.