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Single Order Upload

Bankruptcy > Order Upload > Single Order Upload
Adversary > Order Upload > Single Order Upload

Docketing Procedures

1. Review the documents to ensure they meet the filing requirements
2. Upload a Proposed Order [Bankruptcy > Order Upload > Single Order Upload] or [Adversary > Order Upload > Single Order Upload] as follows:

Click Bankruptcy or Adversary
Click Order Upload
Click Single Order Upload
Enter Case Number
Click Next
If known, enter the related document number. Otherwise, click Next to proceed
Select the category to which your event relates
If known, enter the filed date range
If known, enter the document number range
Click Next
Select the appropriate box next to the docket entry
Click Next. If an Order relating to the same document has previously been uploaded, you will receive a warning message. You may upload another Order by selecting Upload another order. You may also replace an order by selecting Replace the Order(s), then check the box next to the order you want to replace.
Click Next
Browse for and attach PDF
Click Next
Review the confirmation page

Additional Notes

Please refer to the proposed order guidelines when preparing and submitting proposed orders.