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Style Conventions for Addresses

These style conventions apply to all debtor addresses and creditor matrix addresses entered in ECF.

1. Abbreviate post office addresses without a space between the P and O.

        P.O. Box 1359
        P.O. Drawer 34321

2. Use digits for numbers in addresses.

        3224 East 26th Street
        425 6th Street
        1 Valley Plaza

3. When there is a street address as well as a post office box address for a debtor, add only the post office address.

        John J. Johnson
        P. O. Box 1477
        4218 Elmwood Lane (Eliminate this line)
        Bentonville, AR 40453

4. When needed, use the second and/or third line of the address for building name, suite number, floor, firm name, or attention.

        Arthur Andersen and Associates
        Attention: Terri Brooks
        John Hancock Building, Suite 2600
        8723 Michigan Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60604

        The city, state and zip must be the only information on the last address line. Use the full ten digit zip
        code if at all possible.

5. Foreign addresses must have the full name of the post office and country of destination printed in capital letters. The country name or APO destination must be the only information on the bottom line of the address.

        Alfonso Diaz
        Rio de Danubec y Rio Florido
        MEXICO No.1050

        Sgt. John Smith
        C Company 237 Armor
        Unit No. 21103, Box 512
        APO AE 09014

6. If the address contains an apartment number or suite number, you may use No. in place of the word number or suite.

        Barbara Bixby
        322 West Shady Lane, No. 334
        Dallas, TX 75242

7. Use CO to indicate "In Care Of".

        John Joseph, Jr.
        CO John Joseph, Sr.
        6612 East 10th Street
        Ft. Worth, TX 76102

8. The preferred format for telephone numbers is (214) 555-3851.