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Adding Creditors

When possible, add creditors to cases using names already in ECF.

When you search for a creditor, you will probably find the party in ECF. Creditors (such as Ford Motor Credit) are added to many different cases. Ideally, there should be only one Ford Motor Credit party in the ECF database. This greatly simplifies searching when adding parties and querying cases. For instance, it is better to add Ford Motor Credit to all cases even if that is not the exact name used on a document being docketed. The idea is to avoid adding name variations for a single creditor. For example:

        • Ford Motor Credit
        • Ford Motor Credit Company
        • Ford Motor Credit Co.
        • Ford Motor Credit Corporation
        • Ford Motor Credit Company, Inc.
        • Ford Motor Company
        • Ford Motor Credit Corp.
        • Ford Motors Credit Company
        • Ford Motor Credit Company ("FMCC")

Do NOT add mailing addresses for creditors. If you find a creditor in ECF with an address, delete the address fields before accepting the Party Information screen.

Do NOT add a title for creditors. Make sure to select the creditor party role.