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Adding Debtors

Add debtors to cases using names and addresses exactly as they appear on the petition or complaint.

In most cases, you will NOT find debtors or joint debtors when you search in ECF. You have to add them to the database and the case as a new party.

Do not use special characters when adding creditors, parties, aliases, and/or attorneys.

Title Tips:

1. If a debtor has a title, add the title in the "party text" box. Any title that you add as party text will show up on the face of the docket report following the name and separated by a comma.
2. The name of the debtor without the title will appear in docket text.
3. Titles will not appear on Notices.
4. Titles will appear on the face of the docket report in upper and lower case following the debtor name as shown below:

        • John Doe, Administrator of the Estate of Jane Doe
        • ABC Rental, a Texas Corporation
        • Catherine V. Ruiz, Official Administrator of Lottery Winnings

Social Security Number and/Or Tax ID

Make an entry in the SSN box or the Tax ID box even if the Social Security Number for an individual debtor or Tax Identification Number for a business debtor is unknown.

        • SSN: 000-00-0000
        • Tax ID: 00-0000000