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Special Characters

Special characters should NOT be used when adding creditors, parties, aliases and/or attorneys.

Character Description Substitution
~ tilde omit
! exclamation omit
@ at use the word at or omit
# pound sign us the abbreviation No.
$ dollar sign use the word Dollar or omit
% percent sign, in care of if percent sign, omit; if in care of use co
^ carat omit
& ampersand use the word and
* asterisk omit
( open parenthesis use a dash, or omit
) close parenthesis omit
_ underline omit
+ plus use the word plus or omit
< less than omit
> greater than omit
\ forward slash use a dash
/ back slash omit
{ open brace omit
} close brace omit
| pipe sign omit
? question mark omit