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B. Specific Directives on Orders: Northern District


1. Submission of Proposed Order Upon Filing

If a proposed order is required to be submitted to the Court, an Electronic Filer in the Northern District of Texas must submit the proposed order in .pdf format using the Court’s order processing system. The User’s Manual explains this requirement.

2. Submission of Court-Directed Orders and Judgments

When directed by the Court to submit a proposed order or judgment, the proposed order or judgment shall be submitted using the Court’s order processing system.

3.  Specifications

(a) The top margin on the FIRST PAGE must be four (4) inches. All other pages of the order will have a top margin of one (1) inch.

(b) To assist the Court in verifying that the “entire” body of the submitted order has been properly transmitted, the LAST LINE in the order must consist of “# # # END OF ORDER # # #” which is centered in the middle of the page to indicate that the order is completed. Any signatures and/or attachments will be placed below this line.

(c) A line for the date and a signature line for the judge is to be omitted. All orders will be signed electronically by the judge in the space provided at the top of the first page.

(d) All orders prepared by legal counsel shall indicate the name of the law firm, the signature of the attorney responsible for the order, the mailing address and phone number for the firm and the fax number and/or e-mail address, if applicable, below the “# # # END OF ORDER # # #” line.

(e) If the submitting party wishes to indicate to whom copies of the signed order should be sent, those parties’ names and addresses shall be included on the order below the “# # # END OF ORDER # # #” line.