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B. Training


1.  Prerequisite to Live Access

An Electronic Filer must demonstrate the ability to docket pleadings satisfactorily to the Authorizing Court’s training  system as a prerequisite toobtaining access to such Court’s  “live” System.

2.  Training Sessions

To assist prospective Electronic Filers in fulfilling the above prerequisite, each Authorizing Court shall conduct classroom or on-line training sessions as needed to train prospective Electronic Filers and shall reserve the right to organize such training sessions according to party-type (e.g., trustees, debtor attorneys, creditor attorneys, etc.). Staff members associated with prospective Electronic Filers, such as paralegals and legal assistants, are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions.


3.  Reciprocity

Attorneys who are admitted to practice before an Authorizing Court and who have been authorized to file documents by electronic means in another federal district may become an Electronic Filer in the Authorizing Court upon a demonstration of the ability to docket pleadings successfully to that Court’s training system. Such reciprocity requests should be presented to the Clerk of the Authorizing Court who shall exercise sole discretion as to whether such reciprocity request should be granted or whether additional training requirements should be imposed.


4.  Telephonic Training

Certain Electronic Filers who require only limited access to electronic document filing, such as for proofs of claim only, may not be required to attend classroom or on-line training, but instead may receive training assistance by telephone. However, each Authorizing Court reserves the right to require classroom training for any prospective Electronic Filer and those trained via telephone shall still be required to demonstrate the ability to docket pleadings satisfactorily to the Court’s training system prior to gaining access to the “live” system of the Authorizing Court.