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A. Registration


1.  Registration

Registration forms are available from the Clerk of each Authorizing Court for which electronic filing registration is sought or through the Authorizing Court’s website:

Northern District:
Southern District:
Eastern District:
Western District:

The completed application must be returned to the applicable Clerk as follows:

Northern District:
Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court
Attn: Electronic Filing Registration
1100 Commerce Street, Suite 1254
Dallas, TX 75242
Phone: (214) 753-2600

**If applicants meet pre-registration and/or class requirements, they can email applications to:

Southern District:
Electronic Registration
United States District Court
515 Rusk Avenue
P. O. Box 61010
Houston, TX 77208-1010
Phone: (866) 358-6201

Eastern District:
ECF HelpDesk
United States Bankruptcy Court Plaza Tower
110 N. College, Ninth Floor
Tyler, TX 75702
Phone: (903) 590-3233

Western District:
ECF Help Desk
United States Bankruptcy Court
615 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 472-6720 ext. 272
[If mailed to:]
P. O. Box 1439
San Antonio, TX 78295-1439

A separate registration form must be submitted for each attorney within a particular law firm.


2.  Login/Password Assignments

An approved participant (an “Electronic Filer”) will be assigned a login and password combination with which to access the Electronic Filing System (the “System”) for a particular Authorizing Court. Additional login/password combinations may be authorized by the Clerk of the Authorizing Court. Only the Electronic Filer, or an authorized representative, may receive the electronic notice of the assigned login and password combination(s). Unless the Clerk of the Authorizing Court grants a request for delivery of the login/password assignment by first class mail or through some other approved means, the Electronic Filer shall receive notice of such assignments by electronic mail. Each Authorizing Court reserves the right to revoke or to change any assigned login and/or password from time to time as may become necessary.


3.  System Access

The assignment of a login and password combination will initially be utilized for training purposes only and such combination will not be activated for use on the “live” System until such time as the Electronic Filer has successfully completed all training requirements imposed by the Authorizing Court, if any, and has received full authorization from that Court to utilize its System.


4.  Consent to Electronic Notice from Court

By accepting a login and password from the Authorizing Court, an Electronic Filer consents, in lieu of any right to receive notice by first class mail, including notice issued pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2002(a) and 9022, to the receipt of notice by electronic means from the Authorizing Court or from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.


5.  Consent to Electronic Notice from Parties

By accepting a login and password from the Authorizing Court, an Electronic Filer consents, in lieu of any right to service of any document by personal service or by first class mail from interested parties, to accept service from such parties by electronic means through the transmission facilities of the Authorizing Court, excepting the service of process of a summons and complaint in an adversary proceeding under Fed. R. Bank. P. 7004, or the service of a subpoena under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9016.


6.  Password Security

An Electronic Filer may find it desirable to change his/her password periodically. This may be accomplished through procedures set forth in the User’s Manual available on the website of the Authorizing Court. In the event that an Electronic Filer believes that the security of an existing password has been compromised, the Electronic Filer shall give immediate notice to the Clerk of the Authorizing Court in order to prevent access to the System by the use of that password. Such notice may be given in the manner set forth in the User’s Manual issued by the Authorizing Court.


7.  Change of Address

In the event of a change in any registration information (e.g., mailing address, e-mail address, etc.), an Electronic Filer assumes sole responsibility for updating such registration information with the Authorizing Court through the Utilities section of the System.