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Creditor Matrix Specifications

All creditor matrix files must be provided to the court as an ASCII DOS text (.txt) file. The following list contains instructions on how to format your matrix for upload. If your matrix is not in the correct format, your upload into ECF will be unsuccessful.

1. Use upper and lower case characters using 12 point, Times New Roman font. Bold type should not be used.

2. Typed in a single column using a 1 inch margin for the entire document, with left justification.

3. Typed with no more than nine creditors per page. Each creditor listing must consist of no more than five lines total for each creditor, with at least two blank lines between creditor listing. Titles such as Dr., Mrs., etc., should not be used. Do not include "notice only" as part of the address.

4. Each line of the creditor listing should be no more than 40 characters in length including spaces. The attention line or last four digits of account number, if any, must appear only on the second line of the block. The city, state and zip code must be on the last line. Use the two letter state abbreviation in capital letters only, e.g. TX. Nine digit zip codes should be separated by a hyphen.

5. Do not include header, footer, or page numbers, etc.

6. Do not use special characters (! @ #, etc.) should not be used when submitting creditors.

7. Submit the matrix in .txt format on CD, 3.5" diskette, or flash drive.

The creditor mailing list (matrix), if filed electronically, must be submitted in the same format as above.


ABC Creditor
123 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75242

XYZ Creditor
c/o Attorney
911 Emergency Ave.
Dallas, TX 75202