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Records can only be sealed by an Order of the Court.

External filers docket sealed documents electronically after the Motion to File under Seal has been granted. A sealed document is viewable only by the judge and law clerk, unless the Order sealing the document specifies otherwise. An Order unsealing the document is required for it to be viewable to anyone else.

Procedure for Submission of a Document that is Subject to a Pending Motion to File Under Seal

If, and only if, the Court specifically requires submission of a document that is the subject of a Motion to be Filed under Seal, proceed as follows:

1. Place the document to be sealed in a large manila envelope between 8-1/2" x 11" and 10" x 15".
2. Compile larger or voluminous sealed documents in multiple numbered envelopes or a box.
3. Submit the envelope(s) containing the sealed document to the Clerk's Office. The envelope(s) should be addressed specifically to the judge.

NOTE: If an Order Granting the Motion to Seal has not been entered and the Court has not specifically requested that the document be filed under seal prior to the order being entered, the documents cannot be treated as sealed. As such, you may choose to:

• File the document unsealed as-is;
• File the document unsealed with redactions; or
• Wait until the Order is entered Granting the Motion to Seal before filing your documents.

Effective April 29, 2013: Updated Court Procedures Regarding Cases Eligible for Closing that Contain Paper-Sealed Documents

The Clerk's Office will no longer provide notice to filing parties of paper-sealed documents when the related case is eligible for closing. Sealed documents previously filed with the Court in paper format will not be returned to the filing party. Pursuant
to L.B.R. 9077-2 Disposition of Sealed Documents, all paper-sealed documents will be deemed unsealed sixty days after final disposition of a case unless the presiding judge directs otherwise; and any party desiring a paper sealed document to remain sealed must move for relief before the expiration of the sixty day period.